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TechMASP Managed Application Solutions Provider is a leader in the area of managed applications & network services outsourcing.  We are the "trusted advisors" to our clients and are committed to delivering cost effective, high quality solutions that  accelerate our clients' overall growth.  Our team of expert level professionals are consistently innovating and creating business competitive solutions allowing our clients to stay intimately focused on their core business rather than being distracted by the constant shifts in technology. 


Introducing Flat rate support:

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Expert, Professional Technicians
  • Remote Assistance Included
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited Onsite Support *

* Unlimited Onsite support based on minimum scheduled hours and service technician availability.   One time fee may apply for immediate onsite assistance on non-scheduled day.



Why have So Many small and mid-size businesses move their entire network and computer service to TechMASP's Turnkey Managed Services?

Breadth of Ability In Our “TEAM
 There is nothing that a single technology support person can do that our entire
TEAM couldn’t handle.   You may be familiar with the traditional “tech support” geeks who just worry about doing “break-fix” jobs whenever you encounter a technical issue in your office.  The problem with using that individual is that you are entrusting the health of your whole business to a person who just worry about his “lifestyle earnings”.  Often times, these break-fix individuals have full time jobs somewhere else, and they are using you to make the extra cash on the side.  At TechMASP, we are all about supporting the growth and infrastructure integrity of your entire business; therefore, we extend our capabilities, resources, and investment to ensure that our entire team is behind your company’s sustainability.

Over 14 years of history in both the business network industry and strategic web applications
Choosing your network support team is like choosing a surgeon, you really want someone with credentials who has done this before for large enterprises and mid-size companies. 

You should have a professional for your business systems!



Range of resources TechMASP is a one-stop shopping source.  No more buying hardware from one source, software from another, service from a third, only to realize that they aren’t compatible, or that the vendors don’t work well together.  If you need it, we will help you make an informed decision and we will be there to support it.


Personalized & Tailored Service - You know your service representatives, and they know you and your entire technology infrastructure.  TechMASP only employs experienced and knowledgeable representatives.   Tomorrow if you have questions, you will not have to struggle to recall who you talked to only to find that they are no longer there (and didn’t necessarily know what they were talking about anyway).  Call your Archer representative tomorrow and you can pick up right where you left off.

Reliability & Trust - TechMASP has been around for years, and will be around for many, many more.  No more worrying about what happens to your business if your “computer guy” finds another job, moves away or just simply retires from this business. TechMASP makes sure that YOU have all of your network and systems documentation on hand at all times.  Never be held hostage by your business systems technician. 




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